Renoworks FastTrack is the all-in-one home exterior visualizer, design and measurement platform for the home renovation industry.

At Renoworks, we know that building strong relationships with contractors is extremely important to our manufacturer clients.

One way to strengthen that relationship is to provide valuable tools to contractors to help them get their jobs done faster, better, and more efficiently.

That’s why we partnered with Geomni to create Renoworks FastTrack.

Renoworks FastTrack is an all-in-one design, home exterior visualizer and measurement platform for your website. It gives your preferred contractors a powerful design, visualization and measurement tool for acquiring more leads, closing more jobs and streamlining their workflow.

Here’s how Renoworks FastTrack helps you strengthen your contractor relationships and get more contractors to recommend your brand over the competition’s:

The Importance of the Manufacturer/Contractor Relationship

Contractors are on the front lines of the remodeling industry. Day in and day out they are educating homeowners about the value of quality roofing, siding and other exterior building products. They are also informing homeowners about why they should choose your brand over the others.

That’s why strong contractor relationships are critically important to building product manufacturers.

One way to strengthen this relationship is by providing value to contractors. Building product manufacturers do this in several ways:

  1. Workflow and Efficiency Tools (e.g. home exterior visualizers, building product configurators, measurement apps, product libraries, siding and roofing calculators)
  2. Product Quality Improvement (e.g. impact, wind and algae resistant roofing and siding materials to decrease call-backs and minimize contractor liability)
  3. Product Installation Improvement (e.g. Pre-measured siding material that easily snaps into place to make installation a breeze)
  4. Loyalty Rewards (e.g. The James Hardie HardieRewards Program, GAF Rewards, TAMKO Cash Back Rewards)
  5. Education, Business and Certification Resources (Royal Building Products Contractor Tools, TAMKO Pro Certified Contractor, LP BuildSmart Preferred Contractor Program)

Contractors are more likely to recommend your products if you provide them with tools to get their job done faster, better and more efficiently.

The problem is contractors are hard to connect with these days. They have a lot of different choices. They have businesses to run and they are busier than ever.

To connect with busy contractors, you need to offer them tools to streamline their workflow and help them sell and install your building products faster, better and more efficiently.

Introducing Renoworks FastTrack, Powered by Geomni

Integrating with your website in a custom-branded experience, Renoworks FastTrack helps you forge stronger relationships with contractors by giving them a one-stop-shop for designing, visualizing and measuring their projects from start to finish.

The best part is that they can do all of this without needing to take photographs or pull out the measuring tape.

The Renoworks FastTrack platform speeds contractors through the renovation process and streamlines their workflow. With such a powerful home exterior visualizer and measurement platform on your website, why would a contractor go anywhere else?

How it Works

Contractors can use Renoworks FastTrack on your website in three easy steps:

  1. Enter an Address: All the contractor needs to do is enter an address and Renoworks FastTrack automatically locates aerial and street-level imagery of the home and generates accurate measurements. There’s no need for your preferred contractors to take photographs, climb on ladders or pull out the measuring tape.
  2. Design and Measure – Automatically: The contractor is sent to a property page where they can use your roofing, siding or other building products to help the homeowner design their home with true-to-life (photo-realistic) images, 3D visualizations and measurements.
  3. Finalize and Close: When the homeowner is finished designing, they can review their design, product selection and measurements with the contractor to estimate and finalize the project quickly, cutting down weeks of design and measurement into just a few days.

Own the Process from Start to Finish

The Renoworks FastTrack home exterior visualizer and measurement platform is a white-label solution for building product manufacturers.

That means you can brand the platform as your own and customize it to suit your business needs.

In addition, there’s no need for contractors to learn any new technology. Renoworks and Geomni handle all the design rendering, visualization and measurements in a seamless experience.

The result is a polished and custom-branded design and measurement platform that you can offer to contractors, making your website a one-stop-shop for everything they need to design, visualize, measure and estimate with your building products.

This strengthens your brand’s relationship with contractors by giving them a powerful advantage over their competition to win more deals and, ultimately, to purchase and install more of your building products.

The Renoworks FastTrack platform can also be offered to homeowners on your website to visualize your exterior building products on their homes and send fully-designed and accurately-measured projects to your preferred contractors.

It empowers you to own the remodeling process from beginning to end and results in a triple win for the manufacturer, contractor and homeowner.

Cultivating Stronger Relationships

Through contractors, you are better able to educate homeowners that your building products are not commodities to be judged on price alone – They are quality-engineered products with years of development behind them. And selecting the right (or wrong) product will have consequences for years to come.

By providing home exterior visualization and measurement tools like Renoworks FastTrack on your website, you can strengthen your relationships with contractors and better ensure that the homeowner is ultimately getting educated about the value of your building products.

Interested in the Renoworks FastTrack home exterior visualizer and measurement platform? Contact us to learn more about how Renoworks FastTrack can help you achieve your business, sales and marketing objectives or sign up to our Renoworks FastTrack beta program.

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