Two Decades of Visualization Excellence

Renoworks owes its success to years of experience working closely with the building industry and customers to understand their business needs.

Today, the Renoworks Visualization Platform, and its world-class service stand as the benchmark by which others in the home visualization industry compare.

Our Mission

To make home remodeling decisions easier, faster, and better for everyone!
We accomplish this by delivering, everyday, and on every level of the home improvement process, innovative visualization solutions and services that enable better engagement and deeper insights for our customers.

Core Values

These values guide our work, culture and lives everyday and in every project.

Work Like a

This core value pays tribute to both our roots and to the people who knew that quality came from building with purpose, and adopting the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. These skills are second nature. The farmer not only symbolizes hardwork, but human qualities such as strength of character, perseverance, responsibility, action, compassion, fairness and many others.

When a challenge arises, we will roll up our sleeves, figure out a solution, and get‘r done. The virtues of a farmer are timeless and as a technology company we strive to keep these alive

Do More, Better.

This value emphasizes the philosophy that getting to ‘better’ means doing things together – with more cooperation, teamwork and collaboration.

Through reflection (and understanding of punctuation) one will find that this is not a strict command we impart but a reminder that we are all capable of making things better, improving upon ourselves and our work, and going forth together as a team.

Cultivate Care.

Our People. Our Customers. Our Shareholders. Our Community.

Our promise to care about all these groups and their goals extend into all aspects of our lives.

The constant variable is our nature to nurture, and foster care and attention in our work and our people.

We will not cut corners but will emphasize genuine development throughout the journey.


As our fourth core value, Adventure Forward encourages all our employees to be courageous. It is in the face of fear where we not only test the limits of our character, but find the bravery to push beyond them.

Fear, or not knowing the outcome, holds us back from what’s possible.

Not knowing the outcome is all part of the journey, the learning experience and thrill. As we strive to do and be better, and step out of our comfort zones, we’ll find ourselves in the most amazing places with an experience worth raving about.

Always Adventure Forward!

Board of Directors

Doug Vickerson

CEO / Director

Greg Martineau

Founder, Chair & Director

The Team

We are builders, designers, developers and cultivators. Everyone at Renoworks – from our newest hire to the CEO of the company – bring a rare passion and commitment in ensuring success for our clients, our team and our business. Our team is focused on expanding Renoworks’ pioneering work in digital visualization and in building positive and productive relationships inside and outside of our organization.

Come shape the future of our home improvement platform.
Join our team at Renoworks!

Doug VickersonCEO/Director

Doug Vickerson is the Chief Executive Officer and a director of Renoworks. From 2007 to 2011, he was also Chief Financial Officer before taking the helm of Renoworks.

Doug has served as the Vice-President of Business Development at Replicon Inc., a privately held web-based timesheet software company, the Vice-President Sales and Marketing of Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment Ltd., a publicly traded technology company serving the hospitality industry, and most recently as Business Development Consultant with Cambrian House Inc., a privately held software technology company.

Doug holds an MBA from the University of Calgary.

Greg MartineauFounder, Chair & Director

A 30+ year veteran in home construction, remodeling and renovation, Greg Martineau saw the emerging trend of digital imaging in technology early on. Having been involved in the local technology start-up for years, he combined these two passions to build what is today Renoworks Software.

Greg served as Renoworks CEO from 2002 – 2006. Prior, he worked for 6 years with Gienow Remodeling, a company specializing in the home remodeling business as well as construction manager with Statesman Homes, a home builder located in Calgary.

Today, he sits as Chairman and Director at Renoworks, and inspires our team to grow Renoworks with the same conviction and passion he began with.

Nairn NerlandDirector

Nairn Nerland is a director and has served as the President of Renoworks from August 2002 until May 26, 2006 and the Chief Financial Officer of Renoworks from August 2002 until February 26, 2008. He is a Chartered Accountant with over 29 years of financial and senior management experience.

Mr. Nerland is currently the CEO of EFW Radiology, a Calgary based medical diagnostic imaging partnership. Prior to this, Mr. Nerland was the CEO of Anagram Inc., a private creative and consulting services company. Prior to that, Mr. Nerland was the Executive Vice President Marketing and Technology and a member of the executive team for Corbis. Mr. Nerland also served as the General Manager of, a division of Corbis, prior to his appointment as Executive Vice President.

He also served as the Chief Financial Officer of Veer Corporation until November 2007 when Veer was purchased by Corbis, a privately held company wholly owned by Bill Gates.

Dr. Bob ShulzDirector

As professor of Strategic Management at the Haskayne School of Business (University of Calgary), Dr. Bob Shulz has taught Business Communications, MBA, EMBA, executive training, and PhD levels for over 37 years, and brings a wealth of pragmatic consulting and strategic planning experience to Renoworks.

Dr. Bob Shulz holds degrees in Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, Mathematics from St. Vincent College, Business MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, and PhD in Business Administration from Ohio State University,

He has won 21 outstanding teaching and student services awards, including the coveted 3M Teaching Fellowship as one of Canada’s top 10 teaching professionals.

Dr. Bob Shulz has served on the Advisory Board for TSX-listed Wi-LAN Inc., and boards of TSXV and NASDAQ BB companies. Today, he is Director, Advisor and Consultant to a variety of private and NPO’s.

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