Working @ Renoworks

We’re on the lookout for not just good, but great people who understand the power of possibility, tempered by pragmatic solutions. We provide a workplace where you can shape culture, gain experience and grow.

Core Values

These values guide our work, culture and lives everyday and in every project.

Work Like a Farmer

This core value pays tribute to both our roots and to the people who knew that quality came from building with purpose, and adopting the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. These skills are second nature. The farmer not only symbolizes hardwork, but human qualities such as strength of character, perseverance, responsibility, action, compassion, fairness and many others.

When a challenge arises, we will roll up our sleeves, figure out a solution, and get‘r done. The virtues of a farmer are timeless and as a technology company we strive to keep these alive.

Do More, Better. Together.

This value emphasizes the philosophy that getting to ‘better’ means doing things together – with more cooperation, teamwork and collaboration.

Through reflection (and understanding of punctuation) one will find that this is not a strict command we impart but a reminder that we are all capable of making things better, improving upon ourselves and our work, and going forth together as a team.

Cultivate Care. Commit.

Our People. Our Customers. Our Shareholders. Our Community.

Our promise to care about all these groups and their goals extend into all aspects of our lives.

The constant variable is our nature to nurture, and foster care and attention in our work and our people.

We will not cut corners but will emphasize genuine development throughout the journey.

Adventure Forward

As our fourth core value, Adventure Forward encourages all our employees to be courageous. It is in the face of fear where we not only test the limits of our character, but find the bravery to push beyond them.

Fear, or not knowing the outcome, holds us back from what’s possible.

Not knowing the outcome is all part of the journey, the learning experience and thrill.  As we strive to do and be better, and step out of our comfort zones, we’ll find ourselves in the most amazing places with an experience worth raving about.

Always Adventure Forward!

“The culture at Renoworks is very supportive and authentic. One of it’s core values is “work like a farmer”, which people are sometimes confused by if they don’t know any farmers or ranchers. But what it means is that we believe in helping each-other, being authentic, cultivating strong relationships and lending a hand without being asked – because we care and that’s who we are.”

“There were many reasons I enjoyed working for Renoworks. Overall, there was a great company culture. Very friendly, inviting, and positive. It was easy to go to work each day. My coworkers were all very friendly and easy to get along with and even the executive management team was very approachable and down to earth. Lastly, there was a great work/play balance. We spent a lot of time doing fun activities as a team to grow closer. I enjoyed that.”

“I love the culture at this company. I always feel like I’m heard and that my ideas count. I enjoy the people I work with. Everyone is approachable, easy to get along with, and downright good people.”

“This is a company where you have a lot of freedom to learn and try out new things. They love innovation and creativity.”

“The CEO of Renoworks (Doug) is an amazing leader and he’s very committed to making sure employees are happy and valued. Doug always has time for everyone on the team and treats people like valued peers instead of just employees.”

What We Offer

We want to innovate and invest in the right talent. To do so we want to make sure our people are happy and will develop the right mindset that will benefit them beyond their time here.


Here are some of our current job postings. Please click the position name and apply through the form on the job posting page relating to that position. If you don’t see a position for you, drop your resume with us anyways at

Front End DeveloperSoftware DevelopmentCalgary, AB
Back End DeveloperSoftware DevelopmentCalgary, AB