An Effortless Design Experience

RENOWORKS makes it easier than ever for your customers to visualize your products on their homes.

Auto-Recognition instantly detects roofing, siding, windows, doors and more so your customers can start designing right away!


We take the manual preparation out of the equation. All your customer needs to do is upload a photo and they can instantly start experimenting with your building products on their home.

Key Highlights

Automated Image Preparation

Our A.I.-powered technology instantly identifies roofing, siding, windows, doors and other areas of the home and automatically prepares them for design. This eliminates the manual image preparation and allows your customers to start visualizing your building products on their homes faster.

Realistic Perspective

Not all photos of a home are taken straight-on. Our auto-recognition technology takes perspective into account to show your products realistically at every angle.

Premium Design Services

Turn impressed customers into amazed ones and drive word of mouth marketing. After your customer gets a quick impression of your products with Auto-Recognition, they can upgrade to design services for a premium experience. Professionally-masked photos account for lighting, shadows and obstructions for maximum realism.

Custom Branding

Your Renoworks Visualization Platform is custom branded with your products, messaging, logos and colors. With Renoworks, you own the customer experience to keep your brand top-of-mind.

Lead Nurturing & Tracking

Provide a compelling design experience that nurtures customers further along the buying journey. Strategically placed calls to action drive your customers to your business objectives. They can request a quote, find a dealer or send their installation-ready project to be installed – all integrated with your organization’s CRM system.

See it in Action

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