How Window Depot, NY Uses Design to Upsell and Close Jobs

The Challenge

Window Depot, an exterior remodeler in Lower New York, prides itself on transforming homes with exceptional craftsmanship. However, during homeowner consultations, conveying the vision of a completed renovation with just a sample board and the homeowners’ imagination proved challenging.

To address this, Jon turned to Renoworks Pro, seeking a solution that would help his clients visualize their dream renovations more effectively.

This particular success story comes from Jon Unterberg of Window Depot Lower NY in New York.

Jon's Latest Homeowner Project

During a consultation, the homeowner told Jon they wanted to revamp their exterior with a portico addition. Jon quickly suggested color and product choices, along with decorative trim moulding around the windows, aiming to enhance the homeowner’s satisfaction and potentially upsell additional services.

However, there was one issue: while the homeowner was excited, they had difficulty envisioning the final result after the renovation, making them more hesitant to commit to a deposit.

Before Renoworks Pro

The Solution

Setting Proper Expectations

Since the customer was nervous about how the final output would look especially with a structural change of adding a portico, Jon provided the homeowner with this design created with the help of his Renoworks Pro Visualizer. The customer was able to make the decision quick and was left feeling excited and great about it!

Quick and Easy Visualizations (After Renoworks Pro)

Using Renoworks Pro, Jon quickly uploaded a photo of the home, designed it, and secured a deposit from a more confident and happy homeowner.

The Results

Here is a photo of the completed project, what a great revamp! Not only does the home look great, the customer was very pleased with the outcome, knew what to expect and Window Depot Lower NY added yet another successful project to their portfolio.

Jon’s Installation Suggestions: Addition of Siding, Stone, Portico, roofing and trim mouldings all in the front side of the home.

His Biggest Challenge: The customer found it really hard to imagine what the home might look like with a portico addition. He couldn’t visualize how it would all come together.

Realized Revenue: $33,000 USD

Manufacturers Used: Royal, GAF, El Dorado Stone

Post Renovation

A Final Note

Everyday, we hear exciting, endearing and real stories from our contractor customers. For those of you who don’t completely understand what we do and why we exist, Renoworks Pro was born due to one contractor’s struggle to reassure homeowners on their remodeling investment.

Renoworks Pro is a visualization solution that helps contractors and remodelers show homeowners the outcome of their remodeling projects before the project starts. Renoworks Pro helps to set expectations right, help homeowners make decisions and most importantly close sales calls quick.

If you’re a homeowner looking to emulate Jon’s results, or learn more about how Renoworks Pro can solve your design problems. Click here to book a demo.

“It’s a competitive market and hence my prices are competitive. I also believe in offering unbeatable customer service. I understand that swatches aren’t good enough to reassure my homeowners on how their remodeling project will look. In a customer’s contract with me, I state ‘Colors to be determined’ and then help them make color and product decisions. I don’t mind if they can’t make up their mind, and need help making decisions. In the end, if the customer is happy I call it a successful project. Renoworks Pro has become a valuable selling and upsell tool for me. Not only does this make me stand out from the crowd, it is also helps me close more jobs.”

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