Renoworks Analytics

Understand Your Product Trends

Renoworks Analytics enables you to get to know your customers and their affinity with your products. Get detailed analytics and data on your customer behaviors and products selections through their use of your Renoworks Web Visualizer.

Our Impact

Up to 10x Engagement Rate

Visualizers can be the most frequented experience on your website. Users of Renoworks Visualizers are up to 10x more engaged.

Up to 5x Product Interaction

Users of Renoworks visualizers are more likely to become project-ready by interacting and experimenting with your building products than with conventional marketing material such as product catalogs and brochures.

Up to 60% Loyalty Rate

Be the first building product brand your customers think about for their remodeling projects. Users of Renoworks Visualization solutions have up to a 60% loyalty rate.

Up to 60% Closing Rate

Give your contractors a tool to close. Contractors and remodelers have experienced up to 60% closing rates with increases in upsell value when using a Renoworks visualization solution.

Insights you can trust

Get critical insight into your customers and their online purchasing journeys. Understand the additional time they’re spending on your website engaging with your visualizer. Know the products, colors and combinations they’re attracted to and the projects they’re working on right now. Most importantly: get qualified sales leads so you can convert.

Track and compare

Understand product usage, trends and activity so you can better improve your product offerings.

Build better

Learn about your consumers’ behaviours and build better on-site experiences to offer or tailor your remarketing efforts to resonate with them.

Turn engagement
into action

Reveal trends in your data so you can take action and make decisions around your audiences.

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