Product Configurator

Design Down to the Detail

The Renoworks Product Configurator allows your customers to design with detail. Building products such as windows and doors, and their infinite possible configurations, can be managed and presented to consumers in fun, easy and informative ways.

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Your Products Uniquely Theirs

With a Renoworks Product Configurator, you can customize your building products on the fly and illustrate thousands of combinations with a high-level of photo-realism. Help your customers explore all your building product options so they can make each product uniquely theirs.

A Few Highlights

It’s Your Brand

Customize your product configurator and make it into a seamless experience with your website. Upgrade the experience further with a Renoworks Web Visualizer. Contact us to learn how.

Beautifully Detailed Products

Highly-detailed and photo-realistic images for the best configured building products your homeowners could expect. No more low resolution images!

Mobile Responsive

Take it with you. Let your customers access your building product configurator from any devices with an available data connection.

Regional Management

Gain more control over your go-to-market strategy and never have to disappoint your customers due to unavailability. Renoworks Product Configurators let you set building product availability by region.

Palettes Customization

Inspire your customers. Create custom design combinations for quick design application for your users, helping them see the versatility of your products, textures, and colors and try on multiple styles, all while inching them closer to a final buying decision.

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Learn how you can integrate deeper into the Renoworks network and provide a better home design experience to new customers across our platform.

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