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3 Reasons a Visualizer is the Best CTA On Your Website

Here are 3 reasons why a visualizer is the best CTA to add to your website to ensure homeowners convert at a high rate, have an inspirational experience, and ultimately go on to find a dealer and purchase your products.

When a homeowner starts a remodeling project, the first place they begin their research is online.  

That’s why most building product marketers view their websites as a resource for inspiration and product education, with typical calls-to-actions (CTA) of “request a sample”, “find a dealer”, “request a quote”, or simply “contact us”.  

But with an industry average conversion rate of only 3.3% on most manufacturer’s websites, we think there’s a better solution than these traditional CTA’s. That solution is a building product visualizer. 

Here are 3 reasons why a visualizer is the best CTA to add to your website to ensure homeowners convert at a high rate, have an inspirational experience, and ultimately go on to find a dealer and purchase your products.  


The reason a visualizer is so successful in translating visitors into qualified leads is because of how quickly they reduce the stress associated with planning a remodeling project.

Reason 1: It has up to a 55% lead conversion rate 

Outside of big-box retailers, trade shows, and other physical engagements – material vendors have traditionally captured leads through website buttons and forms. Actions labeled with “contact a pro,” or “request a sample,” were relied upon to capture potential buyers’ information.  

The problem with this method is its reliance on customers educating themselves through the content available on your website or advertisements. Typically, this results in an unguided effort to solve introductory questions associated with beginning a remodeling project, such as:  

  • What will my home look like after the project is completed?  
  • What should my home look like after it’s complete? 
  • Which products and colors are available for the job I’m trying to complete?  

Researching these questions not only takes the homeowner more time but will probably push them off your site in search of more information and inspiration. Thus, reducing the effectiveness of traditional call-to-action buttons.  

On average, manufacturers convert their website traffic at a 3.3% conversion rate with traditional call-to-actions. That means for every 100 visitors, they are only receiving around 3 e-mails to contact, or re-target with their marketing efforts.  

Conversely, our data shows that building product manufacturers equipped with the latest Renoworks Visualizer Platform convert up to 55% of visualizer traffic.  

The reason a visualizer is so successful in translating visitors into qualified leads is because it quickly reduces the stress associated with planning a remodeling project.  

Homeowners are becoming more independent and self-guided with their remodeling decisions, and if you can empower their independence by providing the answers they need through a seamless and enjoyable visualization experience – you’re well on your way to earning their trust, contact information and dollars. 

The most powerful B2C experiences entertain customers while simultaneously educating them about products.

Reason 2: It’s the best online engagement experience possible 

The lines between physical and digital marketplaces continue to blur, as more industries learn that embracing a digital purchasing experience is unavoidable. In order to capitalize on this shifting environment, companies are investing billions of dollars on their digital infrastructure 

The construction sector typically lags behind other industries in adopting digital B2C and “e-commerce like” experiences, preferring instead to rely on dealers and contractors to promote products. 

But building material manufacturers can leverage home design visualizer platforms like Renoworks to bridge that gap.  

The most powerful B2C experiences entertain customers while simultaneously educating them about products. A direct consequence of this unification is longer and more engaging session durations from website visitors. Building an engaging user experience is paramount in conversion rate optimization, and is a clear focus for Renoworks as we build our platform. 

For example, we’ve found that homeowners who upload a picture of their home on a Renoworks visualizer spend 28 minutes on average designing their home, while a typical website retains most visitors for just 54 seconds

That’s a 28x increase in engagement!

Renoworks visualizers also consistently maintain one of the industry’s highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of 50 – 95 on average, compared to the industry average of 30 – 35.

We believe our visualizer platform excels at engagement due to its lop-sided value reciprocity: The homeowner receives massive value in exchange for nothing except their contact information. We’ve designed our platform not only to help material manufacturers access more leads, but also to delight the homeowner in a way that transforms the remodeling process into a fun and engaging experience. 


“Renoworks is not just a sales tool, it is the mother of all sales tools. [..] It’s a marketing tool. It’s an upsell tool. I get more jobs. I use it every single day. I bring my laptop into people’s homes. I sell a lot more stone now, because I show stone on every single job whether they ask for it or not. It really engages the prospect. It’s the “wow” factor.”
- Mike Demora (Contractor)

Reason 3: It helps your dealers and preferred contractors sell 

Once the homeowner has engaged with your visualizer, provides you with their information, and downloads a report of their desired design objectives – it’s safe to say they’ve qualified themselves as a project-ready lead. All without the intervention of any professionals.  

This project-ready lead can then be sent directly to a preferred dealer or contractor in your network. Armed with the homeowner’s interactive design and the visualizer as a powerful selling tool, the contractor can then close the deal at an average rate of up to 60%. 

Additionally, many of our contractor clients report that a Renoworks visualizer helps them not only qualify their leads but upsell the value of deals more effectively by showing the value of premium products installed on the home. 

In addition to its value as an upsell tool, new homeowner prospects tend to approach dealers with nothing but a faint idea of what they’d like. These homeowners can be redirected by the dealer to your visualizer to help them fully develop their own ideas, whether in person, or through a digital channel.  

The bottom line is this: providing contractors with qualified and information-rich leads will help them sell your products at a higher frequency, with less time and effort. 

If you have any questions regarding the specifics of the Renoworks Visualizer Platform or want to discuss how to increase your company’s lead generation – contact us or speak to your Renoworks customer success manager to see a demo of our latest solutions. 


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