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Renoworks joins the Zillow Group Advantage Program to bring exclusive discounts to Zillow Group builder customers

Renoworks joins The Zillow Group Advantage Program

CALGARY, ALBERTA, June 26, 2018, – Renoworks Software Inc. (TSXV: RW) (“Renoworks”), a leading visualization platform for the home remodeling and construction industry, has been announced by Zillow® Group, Inc. (Zillow Group”) as a launch partner in the all-new Zillow Group Advantage Program.

The Zillow Group Advantage Program is a curated network of product and service providers for Zillow Group’s builder customers to work with vendors across content, customer relationship management (CRM), reviews and web development categories at discounted rates.  RenoWorks highlights three of their product offerings through the Zillow Group Advantage Program: Scene Builder Visualizer (Standard), Scene Builder Visualizer (Custom) and Renoworks Visualizer seamlessly integrated within Alpha Vision’s AlphaPlan Interactive Floor Plans.

Many building professionals are seeking innovative tools and solutions to differentiate themselves from competitors and leave lasting impressions on buyers. As the leading real estate and rental marketplace, Zillow Group developed the Zillow Group Advantage Program to help its builder customers improve their new construction  listings and attract more home shoppers.

"We're continuously looking for ways to bring additional value to our builder partners."

“We’re continuously looking for ways to bring additional value to our builder partners,” said Lucy Wohltman, Vice President, Sales-New Construction, Zillow Group. “With the Zillow Group Advantage Program, we are able to provide builders access to services that will better their listings, and ultimately help them standout from their greatest competition, resale homes.”

Renoworks is the solution that gives builders, home improvement professionals, contractors, and remodelers the power to deliver state of the art visualization experiences, enabling them to display home build design and style options that create emotional connections with home buyers.

Doug Vickerson, CEO of Renoworks explained, “Zillow Group is one of the leading real estate and rentals marketplaces and so it comes as no surprise that our relationship should be a natural one and complementary.  Our participation in the Zillow Group Advantage Program is another step towards our mission of connecting the home improvement industry. As we bring more technological innovation to the industry, we look forward to working with Zillow Group’s growing list of builder customers through the Zillow Group Advantage Program to improve the way the entire industry delivers value to the homeowner. “

Renoworks will derive revenues from this partnership through Scene Builder Visualizer sales and other select add-on services. For more details about the Zillow Group Advantage Program visit

About Renoworks

Renoworks Software Inc. develops and sells unique digital visualization software and integration solutions for the remodeling and new home construction industry. Renoworks delivers its technology to manufacturers, contractors, builders and retailers offering solutions to one of the home improvement industry’s greatest challenges: enabling homeowners to review their product selections in a hyper realistic, virtual environment before committing to purchases and construction. Renoworks markets its technologies as innovative engagement tools and generates revenues from four main business lines: Renoworks Enterprise, Renoworks PRO, Renoworks Design Services and Renoworks SDK (Software Development Kit). For more information, visit: and

For further information on Renoworks please contact:

Doug Vickerson, CEO
Phone: 403-296-3880
Renoworks Software Inc.
2721 Hopewell Place NE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T1Y 7J7

For investor information for Renoworks please contact:

Rob Gamley
Phone: 604-689-7422
Contact Financial Corp.
810 – 609 Granville St.
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