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CALGARY, ALBERTA, July 10, 2018, – Renoworks Software Inc. (TSXV: RW) (“Renoworks” or “the Company”), the leading platform for the home remodeling and construction industry announces third-party visualization integration capabilities by opening its home design ecosystem to manufacturers’ independently developed visual product configurators.

Previously, manufacturer integration with Renoworks visualizer platform required Renoworks’ specific product library format.

With new third-party integration, manufacturers can now embed their existing configurators into the Renoworks visualization platform, thereby creating a seamless experience for end-users to customize products such as doors and windows, and transition to a home design project within Renoworks.

As additional benefits to this integration, manufacturers not only gain branding and product exposure within the Renoworks network of lumber and building material suppliers, retailers, contractors, remodelers, builders and homeowners, they also decrease deployment time, streamline library maintenance and increase speed and efficiency in their product go-to-market strategies.

Go-to-Market Efficiency for Manufacturers

Due to the competitive nature of the home improvement industry, the need for faster go-to-market solutions of products is vital in staying relevant in the eyes of manufacturers.

As an open platform for third-party integration, the Company is providing an alternative solution for manufacturers to deploy and maintain product offerings in real time, therefore staying top of mind with consumers with minimal effort and exposing their full offering to more customers.

Release of new products becomes instantaneous with Renoworks third-party integration.

"Third-party integration is just one example of the Renoworks strategy to expand our platform and technology solutions.”

“Third-party integration is just one example of the Renoworks strategy to expand our platform and technology solutions,” explained Doug Vickerson, CEO of Renoworks. “By embracing a strategy of openness with our manufacturer clients and supplying them with all the tools necessary to connect their products to the large audience of home improvement players, we can ensure that end-users receive the best Renoworks experience we can offer.”

Platform Openness as a Growth Strategy

“We see this ‘open’ strategy as not just a means of lowering the barrier of entry into the Renoworks ecosystem, but another avenue towards providing a place for all participants in multiple categories in the home improvement industry such as manufacturers, real estate, insurance, and others to be involved in its growth and by doing so, we can deliver only the best experience for homeowners throughout the value chain,” added Mr. Vickerson.

Mr. Vickerson concluded, “Those who understand that industry growth requires experiential innovation will not be antagonized by our goal but will embrace it. We think the market will respond well to this new option and join us as we work towards our vision of a more connected home improvement industry.”

Renoworks will continue to develop product libraries and configurator solutions, with differentiation such as deeper integration with Renoworks ecosystem, future machine learning driven features, and business intelligence access of enhanced analytics and insights.

About Renoworks

Renoworks Software Inc. develops and sells unique digital visualization software and integration solutions for the remodeling and new home construction industry. Renoworks delivers its technology to manufacturers, contractors, builders and retailers offering solutions to one of the home improvement industry’s greatest challenges: enabling homeowners to review their product selections in a hyper realistic, virtual environment before committing to purchases and construction. Renoworks markets its technologies as innovative engagement tools and generates revenues from four main business lines: Renoworks Enterprise, Renoworks PRO, Renoworks Design Services and Renoworks SDK (Software Development Kit). For more information, visit: and

For further information on Renoworks please contact:

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Renoworks Software Inc.
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For investor information for Renoworks please contact:

Rob Gamley
Phone: 604-689-7422

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Forward Looking Information

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