Forging Stronger Manufacturer-to-Contractor Relationships with Renoworks FastTrack Home Exterior Visualizer and Measurement Platform

Renoworks FastTrack is the all-in-one home exterior visualizer, design and measurement platform for the home renovation industry. At Renoworks, we know that building strong relationships with contractors is extremely important to our manufacturer clients. One way to strengthen that [...]

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A look-back with Doug Vickerson: Renoworks in 2018 and beyond

As I look back at the 2018 year for Renoworks, I’m grateful for the many conversations I had with our clients who see the coming changes in our industry. The remodeling industry is strong at the moment, and there are [...]

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Know Your Customers: Why Data Analytics is More Important than Ever in the Building Material Industry

Analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data to produce customer insights, optimize marketing campaigns and create operational efficiencies within an organization. As marketers in the building product industry, we get excited about data analytics because it can provide [...]

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Three Technologies that are Making the Construction Industry More Efficient

The construction industry is facing a problem. Demand for construction services is high, schedules are tight due to volume, qualified contractor and remodeling labour is hard to find and every player in the value chain is facing pressure to do [...]

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The Digital Future of Homebuilding & Renovation is Now

The Digital Future of Homebuilding & Renovation is Now One thing is certain. The way Canadians build and renovate their homes is changing. Some builders and home renovators are going to experience massive disruptions to their businesses unless they seize [...]

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