Renoworks Window and Door AI Image Recognition Technology Unlocks Real-Time Home Design

Update: Renoworks A.I. Auto-Recognition technology is now available for siding and roofing as well as windows and doors. Click here to schedule a demo

Image recognition technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help the building industry show their products on customers’ homes in real-time

It may seem too futuristic to be true, but artificial intelligence technology is making this scenario a reality.

Imagine searching for a street-view image of your home on the internet.

You click on your front door and instantly start visualizing different styles of doors, hardware and sidelites. Then you select your windows and choose the exact style you like. Finally, you click a button to send it to the manufacturer, dealer or retailer to purchase and install the products.

It may seem too futuristic to be true, but artificial intelligence technology is making this scenario a reality.

AI and ML image-recognition technology like Google Vision, Amazon Rekognition, and IBM Visual Recognition are driving an image recognition market estimated to grow to $38.9 billion by 2021.

Now your company can benefit from this growth with the addition of Window & Door AI Auto-Recognition technology to the Renoworks platform.

It may seem too futuristic to be true, but artificial intelligence technology is making this scenario a reality.

Renoworks AI Windows and Doors automatic image recognition technology for home design

Why Use Window & Door AI Auto-Recognition?

Current home design technology requires preparation of a photo to “tell” the visualization software where it should show building products. While valuable, this process can be time-consuming and often requires users to learn the tool before they can start designing.

Renoworks image recognition technology solves this problem by using artificial intelligence to automatically prepare the photo for design with no human intervention whatsoever.

That means the user can select a photo of their home and instantly begin visualizing what it will look like with new windows and doors. It streamlines the exterior design process and offers building product companies a unique way to help homeowners make a faster purchase decision.

How Does Renoworks Image Recognition Technology Work?

If you take a walk down an unfamiliar street and look at a window on a home, chances are you have never seen a window that looks exactly like it. But you recognize that it’s a window because it shares common characteristics with other windows you’ve seen throughout your life. For example, you can see through it, it’s made of glass, it’s positioned up off the ground and you can’t open and walk through it like a door.

AI image recognition technology works in a similar way. It needs to be “trained” to recognize windows and doors by looking at example images. Each example image allows the AI to build a better predictive model to accurately identify windows and doors, even if they don’t look exactly like the images it was trained with.

This means the accuracy of an AI system is heavily dependent on the amount of images it has been trained with.

We train our AI software with annotated images of homes that our software has collected from millions of visualization experiences over almost two decades. This wealth of “training material” allows our AI system to accurately and quickly identify windows and doors and make them interactive so the homeowner can start designing right away.

Can it Do More Than Windows and Doors?

Yes.  AI Auto-Recognition technology can also be used for all product types including siding and roofing. Significant advancements allow for extending the capability of our AI tool to all other areas of the home both external and internal.

How Can I Learn More?

Interested in learning how you can use our Windows & Doors AI Auto-Recognition solution in your business? Contact us to learn more and set up a demo.

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