Gentek Canada Accelerates Lead Acquisition & Sales Growth with Renoworks Design Services

How a Canadian Manufacturer Grew Leads By 494% With a 21% Close Rate in 2019

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  • Drove sales growth throughout Gentek Canada channels
  • Grew brand awareness
  • Captured more qualified leads

With over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, 5 manufacturing plants, and 22 distribution centres across Canada, Gentek Building Products Canada (“Gentek Canada”) is one of the few brands that offers complete lines of vinyl, aluminum and steel siding, soffit systems, and trim accessories, and residential and light commercial windows.

As a division of Associated Materials Incorporated (“AMI”), the parent company of several brands including Gentek Building Products USA and Alside, Gentek Canada leverages the vast resources of the AMI group to meet the needs of its customers.

Gentek Canada’s strong commitment to delivering value and exceptional customer experience for the building industry is what made them decide to partner with Renoworks to build a visualizer in 2017.

The Goal


  • Targeted promotion during peak decision-making periods in Spring and Summer to drive more leads.
  • Build on already successful customer experience with Renoworks Design Services.

Driving sales growth throughout its channels is one of its primary marketing goals. However, Gentek Canada also strives to grow brand awareness, capture more qualified leads, and provide a valuable closing tool for their loyal community of dealers, builders, and contractors.

To achieve its goal, Gentek Canada leveraged a service that was already built into its visualizer platform — Design Services.

By analyzing the visualizer platform and Design Services analytics in prior years, Christine discovered that Gentek Canada could increase Design Services leads by strategically adjusting the pricing during certain periods of the year.

For example, a targeted promotion for free Design Services during peak decision-making periods in the Spring and Summer could bring in more leads at a time when they are most qualified and ready to purchase Gentek products. The valuable free services could keep the homeowner in Gentek Canada’s marketing and sales process and away from competitors.

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An example of periods when free Design Services can be most effective at generating leads
The Results



As a result of launching targeted free Design Services campaigns, Gentek Canada achieved 88% growth in visualizer traffic in Spring/Summer 2019, with a 243% increase in organic search traffic to their visualizer platform.

“We were seeing very positive results with the Gentek Canada Visualizer each year as a result of its design experience and our digital marketing strategies, but we wanted to give more value to our customers. We wanted to humanize the design experience with Gentek products and make our customers feel taken care of.”



Leads generated from Design Services in Spring/Summer 2019 also increased by 494% compared to the same period in the prior year, with 88% of post-visualization survey respondents answering that they already purchased (21%) or were “very likely” to purchase (67%) Gentek Canada products after using Design Services.

"It’s great to be able to see your actual house and experiment with different colour choices, trims, etc to help make the right decision. It’s so much better and easier than just using the small colour sample. Awesome service!!"

Growth in brand affinity and word-of-mouth marketing is often difficult to measure, but the survey responses indicate that homeowners resonate with Gentek Canada’s innovative marketing strategies, putting the company in a better position to drive repeat purchases and referrals:

“Gentek technicians took the time to set up not just one elevation but two for the new house we are building which made [it] so much easier to try different colour combinations and finishes.”

“The attention to detail and personal touch customer service that [Gentek] provided was exemplary! Made choosing our exterior finishing so much easier and now we feel like we have a much better idea of how it will turn out. I let our builder know you now offer this option and they will be recommending it to their clients in the future. Thank you so much!”

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