Continuing the Conversation: 4 Ways to Use Renoworks Visualizer Leads

These simple strategies will help you connect with your ideal customers, discover new ones and sell more of your building products.

One of the biggest perks of a home design visualizer is the ability to generate sales leads.

When a user creates an account on a Renoworks visualizer, their name and email is stored and available to be used in your marketing and sales efforts. On most visualizers, the user can also agree to receive your newsletter or be contacted by your sales reps, dealers or installers for a quote.

But email isn’t the only way to interact with your leads. There are other ways to “continue the conversation” about your building products even after the lead leaves your visualizer.

These simple strategies will help you connect with your ideal customers, discover new ones and sell more of your building products.

*Note: It’s important to make sure the terms of service and privacy policy on your visualizer are up to date and cover the situations below.

1. Add Leads into your CRM

This might seem obvious, but it’s important to add your newly- acquired leads to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software).

Your CRM helps to properly group and segment your leads. It enables you to analyze their behaviour, hand them off to your sales team and target them with personalized and relevant emails.

Popular CRM solutions include Hubspot, Salesforce and Marketo. If you’re not currently using a CRM with your Renoworks visualizer, please contact us to discuss how you can do so.

2. Check leads against your sales data

Ever wondered how many of your visualizer users go on to purchase your products?

One way to find out is to match your visualizer leads with your customer sales data or warranty information.

By comparing this information, you’ll discover who ended up purchasing from you, what they were interested in, and learn how best to follow up with them again for repeat purchases.

The availability of this data depends on your business. For example, a window company that manufacturers and installs its product would have more information about the end-purchaser than a siding manufacturer that sells through distributors, builders and retailers.

But even if your business is far-removed from the final consumer, you can gather end-purchaser information indirectly from surveys and product-warranty registrations or claims made by homeowners to help you nurture your customers further.

3. Retargeting ads

Up to 24% of your traffic on a Renoworks Visualizer can come from organic searches.

This means a person could be searching for “siding visualizer” or “roof design visualizer” or “window & door visualizer” on Google and be introduced to your brand for the very first time through visiting your visualizer.

That person might create an account on your visualizer, but their remodeling project may not start for another 6 months to a year.

They might really like the look of your products. But when the time comes to make a decision, they may have forgotten about you.

That’s why you’ll want to “retarget” these leads with ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels.

It keeps your products top of mind for when your prospective customers are ready to make a purchase. This is critical because research shows that it takes 6-8 marketing touches to generate a sales lead!

You can use services like AdRoll to retarget leads based on contact information from your Renoworks visualizer.

You can also talk to us about installing the relevant code snippets on your visualizer so that you can retarget visitors when they use Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This method allows you to retarget visitors to your visualizer even if they haven’t submitted their contact details to create an account.

4. Find more customers with “Lookalike” audiences

What’s better than advertising directly to a lead?

Advertising to thousands of potential customers who share common characteristics with your lead!

Many top advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer advanced services that help you make the most of your lead and customer information.

You can upload Renoworks visualizer leads to these platforms and they will match their characteristics with similar users on their platform.

If a visualizer lead is also a user on the social media platform, it will create a “custom audience” of thousands of other users who share that lead’s demographics, characteristics and preferences. This allows you to target ads to the type of person you want to attract to your brand and products.

Here’s a valuable article describing some of these services, such as Facebook Custom Audiences, Twitter Tailored Audiences, Youtube TrueView Ads and Google Customer Match.

The leads from your Renoworks visualizer are valuable and, when used correctly, they will produce high-value customers. We hope we’ve inspired you to take another look at your leads and think of ways you can turn them into customers who advocate for your brand and refer your products to others.

Looking for additional information about how you can get more value out of your Renoworks visualizer leads? Contact us to discuss how we can help you better integrate your Renoworks visualizer with your marketing and sales strategy.

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