Email Marketing Best Practices for Promoting your Renoworks Visualizer

By effectively using email to promote your Renoworks visualizer solution, design services or other customer-engagement platform, you can ensure that you and your email list get the most out of these tools.

With a return on investment of up to 4,400%, email is the oldest and most effective form of digital marketing.

But a 4,400% ROI doesn’t just happen after sending a few emails. Effective email marketing requires valuable content that is personalized and relevant to each recipient on your mailing list.

By effectively using email to promote your Renoworks visualizer solution, design services or other customer-engagement platform, you can ensure that you and your email list get the most out of these tools.

Whether you’re a regional window manufacturer, national distributor or international roofing and siding manufacturer, the insights below will help you funnel traffic to your visualizer and convert them into happy customers.

1. Use CRM & Email Automation Software

Many well-known building material companies are successfully using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Email Automation in their day-to-day activities to grow their businesses. If you’re one of the few who aren’t … you should be!

A good CRM and marketing automation platform should be capable of tagging and segmenting (grouping) contacts based on common attributes of that group. This will allow you to quickly create emails that promote your visualizer to specific groups of contacts. Free options include Zoho and Mailchimp, while paid solutions include, Hubspot, Salesforce and Marketo.

2. Segment

Segmentation is a marketing best-practice that means grouping your contacts into lists that share common characteristics. These lists might include customers, homeowners, contractors, dealers, distributors, sales reps, and retailers. Segmentation helps you send targeted messages that are relevant and meaningful to the recipients. It increases your open & click-through rates, decreases unsubscribes, helps avoid spam filters and increases your sales.

3. Tell a Story Through Images

Email imagery is just as important as text for conveying your message. Create email banners that tell the value and impact of your home visualizer to your email recipients. For example, an email to homeowners might display the interface of your siding visualizer. Or an email to your trades contacts might show a contractor winning over a homeowner by showing them your roof visualizer on a tablet.

4. Organizing Your Visuals

After you’ve found the perfect imagery for your emails, make sure you’re organizing it properly. Images, logos, icons and buttons should be given adequate “breathing space” and spaced consistently. This will allow your subscribers to quickly scan your emails for relevant information and understand your message quicker. The cleaner your email design, the better your message is understood by readers.

5. Call-to-Action

Your Call-to-Action (CTA) should be prominently placed and make good use of color contrast to make it stand out. The CTA should also be descriptive of what the subscriber can expect after clicking on it, such as “Visualize Your Dream Roof Now”. Consider including a CTA to use your visualizer in the same place in all of your newsletters, and send subscribers directly to your visualizer whenever you launch a new product that can be used in your visualizer. For more tips on how to craft a great CTA to promote your visualizer, read our article on the top 6 tips to promote your Renoworks visualizer.

6. Understand the Buyer’s Journey

When sending email to your mailing list, think about where they are in the buyer’s journey. Did they just install your building products last year or are they evaluating whether they will use your products on their next remodeling project? This is important because you don’t want to send mixed messages to customers.

For example, a homeowner who recently purchased your vinyl siding in the last few years might not be as likely to make another purchase in the near-term. However, they may be more than happy to share their experience about your products or refer your vinyl siding visualizer to a friend.

Consider what might appeal the most to the recipient depending on where they are in the buyer’s journey so you can send the most relevant info.

7. Ditch the Laundry List

Many building material companies bury the link to their home visualizer among blog articles, programs, news and other items in their newsletters. It’s much more effective to break up the “laundry list” of different CTA’s in your newsletter and send them as individual emails to targeted contacts. For example, promote the launch of your new metal roofing product in one email, and then send another email the next week with a CTA to use your metal roofing visualizer with the new product.

8. Know When to Send & Be Consistent

Use the historical data from your marketing automation software to find the best time and day of the week to send your emails, and send them on a consistent schedule. This could be weekly or monthly depending on how much content or news you have to share and how often your subscribers want to receive emails from you. Consistent, predictable, emails will build trust with your subscribers and will also help with email deliverability and avoiding spam filters.

9. Make it Easy to Read

Make your email easy to read and outline the key reasons for using your Renoworks visualizer with bullet points. In our busy world, consumers like to skim emails and pull out the parts that are relevant to them.

10. Focus on the Problem

People like to read emails that solve their problems. To a homeowner, your visualizer helps them make a design and product-selection decision. To a dealer or contractor, a visualizer helps them assist a homeowner come to that decision. Make sure your email speaks to the specific problem that you’re the recipient is trying to solve.

11. Concise Headline

It’s important that your email headline is short and attention-grabbing because 47% of email recipients decide to open your emails based solely on the subject line.

12. Test and Review

Always review your email multiple times before you send it. Is the body, headline and preview text correct? Are you sending it to the right contacts at the right time? Make sure to also send yourself a test email to see how it looks in your email inbox.

Looking for more tips and insights to promote your visualizer? Read our top 6 actionable tips to drive more traffic to your Renoworks visualizer.

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