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How Infinity from Marvin Uses Renoworks Auto-Recognition to Enhance the Window and Door Replacement Process

“We think the A.I technology behind the Infinity from Marvin Visualizer will help homeowners choose the best Infinity products for their homes, and we’re pleased to work with Renoworks in providing this industry-first solution to partners and homeowners.”

Infinity® from Marvin® is a leading manufacturer of premium Ultrex® fiberglass replacement windows and doors with a distinctive design. They are the first manufacturer to use Renoworks’ Auto-Recognition to improve the planning, design and replacement experience for their customers. With this new solution, Infinity from Marvin has improved their already exceptional customer experience with an effortless way to select windows and doors to be installed by one of Infinity’s hand-selected partners.
Infinity from Marvin AI auto masking auto recognition home visualizer for windows and doors
The Infinity from Marvin Visualizer automatically detects and masks windows and doors so customers can start designing right away

Delivering a Premium Experience

When we spoke with Infinity from Marvin in early 2019, they were looking for solutions to enhance the customer experience on their window & door visualizer in a way that fit with their brand.

But this was no small task.

Infinity from Marvin is a premium brand of window and door products, ranking #1 in customer satisfaction for window and patio door brands by JD Power in 2019.

Any upgrade to their visualization and design toolset would need to meet and exceed this hard-won standard of excellence.

It would also need to provide a white-glove experience for homeowners that makes it seamless, delightful and hassle-free to select the right Infinity from Marvin products for their homes.

Fortunately, we recently launched a new solution that does exactly that – Renoworks Auto-Recognition technology for windows and doors.

Infinity Windows
Windows and doors can be added and re-sized after they are automatically detected to provide a customized experience

Innovation in Fenestration and Beyond

Previously, users needed to manually outline windows and doors on an uploaded photo of a home before they could visualize Infinity from Marvin products.

This manual process of “masking” a photo is the industry-standard for most home design software.

But Infinity from Marvin didn’t build a premium brand by meeting the industry standard.

They needed a visualization experience that allowed their customers to move through the design process effortlessly, without manual preparation work. This is where Renoworks Auto-Recognition came in to help.

Instead of requiring the user to mask, Renoworks Auto-Recognition technology automatically masks the home so users can apply building products right away.

Powered by artificial intelligence, it works by training itself on thousands of previously-categorized images so it can detect areas of the home without human intervention.

The result is that it’s now much easier for customers to start designing their homes with Infinity from Marvin windows and doors.

All the customer needs to do is upload a photo of their home and click on a window or door. Then they can select the best Infinity from Marvin products for their project.

After choosing and configuring products, the user can click a button to schedule a personalized consultation with one of Infinity from Marvin’s hand-selected partners.

Infinity from Marvin Realistic door and window visualizer AI machine learning deep learning auto masking
Did this image fool you? This is a rendering of an Infinity from Marvin Inswing French Door in an interior application. The Infinity from Marvin Visualizer with Renoworks Auto-Recognition makes it easy to select the right window & door products.

What Does the Future Hold?

Infinity from Marvin’s early-adoption of A.I. auto-recognition technology shows a deep commitment to improving their customers’ experience and driving innovation in the industry. They recognize that a premium product should be accompanied by a premium customer experience and are continually looking for ways to improve that experience.

We look forward to what the future holds and are proud to be part of Infinity from Marvin’s innovation in the window and door industry.

Click here to learn more about Renoworks A.I. Auto-Recognition technology for windows, doors, siding, roofing and more. 

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