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How To Generate Leads with the Renoworks Visualizer Platform

Learn about the three stages leads go through on your Renoworks Visualizer!

Is one of your marketing goals to drive more qualified leads to your sales reps, dealers, preferred contractors or other sales channels?

If so, you’re reading the right article!

Engaging homeowners and nurturing them into paying customers is one of the things the Renoworks Visualizer Platform does best.

Here are the three stages leads go through on your Renoworks Visualizer and what you can do at each stage to maximize the amount of homeowners who go on to purchase your products:

Generating leads for building material manufacturers, distributors, retailers and contractors female designer renoworks design services
Adding a high-value offering like Renoworks Design Services can result in an increase of up to 12X more leads generated through your home visualizer.

There’s a chance these “just looking” leads might purchase your products some day.

The “Just Looking” Lead

People find your visualizer through multiple channels. For example, they may come from:

  • Organic search through SEO-optimized search terms
  • Visualizer links on your homepage, pro portal and product pages
  • Referrals from dealers and contractors

All of these visitors are potential leads, but not all of them will be interested in purchasing your products.

For example, some visitors might be “just looking”, or they might be your employees, competitors or trades publications who are doing research on your building materials.

There’s a chance these “just looking” leads might purchase your products some day.

But they haven’t taken actions showing they are interested in purchasing your products right away. For example, they haven’t submitted contact information, requested Design Services on your visualizer,  or requested product samples, all of which would signal a higher purchase intent.

Your goal should be to encourage these leads to take action such as creating an account on your visualizer, requesting quotes and submitting design services requests.

This will allow you to capture their contact information and nurture them to the next stage of the purchasing journey so you are top-of-mind when they are ready to purchase.

What to do with “Just Looking” Leads

  • Refresh the copy on your website and visualizer landing page. Make it compelling for them to start a custom design.
  • Use Renoworks Analytics insights to analyze user behavior and discover opportunities to improve the design experience.
  • Keep product libraries up-to-date to ensure customers are aware of new products and are not confused by products that are unavailable to purchase.
Renoworks visualizer lead generation funnel average conversion rates for building material marketers
10 – 20% of “just looking” leads convert to Marketing Qualified Leads on the Renoworks Visualization Platform (compared to the industry average of 3.3%)

The Renoworks Platform is like an exclusive “virtual big-box retail aisle” for your website that’s stocked with only your products.

The Marketing Qualified Lead

Unlike “just looking” leads, Marketing Qualified Leads (or “MQL’s”) take actions on your Renoworks Visualizer that indicate they have a higher level of interest in your product.

MQL’s create an account, submit a design services request and interact with your products several times using a photo of their own home.

By doing so, they indicate curiosity in your products and signal they are more likely to purchase your products than “just looking” leads.

Having said that, they still might not be ready to purchase your products right away.

For example, a homeowner who is browsing the aisle of a store where your products are on the shelf is a Marketing Qualified Lead.

The fact they are in an aisle with your products makes it more likely they will purchase your product than someone who is browsing a completely unrelated aisle with different products.

These are great leads, but they still might choose a competitor’s product, decide not to remodel their home or leave and forget about your product entirely!

The Renoworks platform is like an exclusive “virtual big-box retail aisle” for your website that’s stocked with only your products. When a Marketing Qualified Lead comes down that “aisle” the goal is to turn their curiosity about your products into real purchasing interest by offering them information, promotions, customer service and added value.

What to do with Marketing Qualified Leads

  • Offer free Design Services to capture lead information and provide a premium design experience with a human touch
  • Integrate your Renoworks visualizer leads with your CRM
  • Offer them discounts or information on where to buy your products
  • Retarget them with digital ads to keep your building materials top-of-mind for when they are ready to buy (Renoworks can install tracking codes and pixels on your visualizer).
Renoworks call to action request a quote home visualizer interface for roofing, siding, windows, doors, trim, masonry and more
Don’t miss out on leads! Make sure you have a prominent Call-to-Action on your Renoworks Visualizer that aligns with your business objectives.

95% of respondents to a Renoworks post-visualization survey reported they were “100% likely” or “very likely” to purchase the products used in their Renoworks Visualizer design

The Sales Qualified Lead

A Sales Qualified Lead (or “SQL”) is a lead who indicates a high level of interest in your products and a desire to buy.

SQL’s include users who click a call-to-action on your visualizer to Request a Quote, Find a Dealer or Order Samples.

Continuing with the retail store example, an SQL in a big-box retail store is the homeowner who is done looking around. They go directly to your product in the store and talk to a sales associate about it.

SQL’s have visited your visualizer, registered, designed a photo of their own home with your building products and went on to contact you for purchase information.

These are the types of leads you want to send to your sales reps, dealers, installers and preferred contractors because there is a very high probability they will purchase your products.

In fact, 95% of respondents to a Renoworks post-visualization survey reported they were “100% likely” or “very likely” to purchase the products used in their Renoworks Visualizer design.

What to Do with Sales Qualified Leads

  • Ensure you have a clear and prominent call-to-action on your Renoworks Visualizer such as “Request a Quote” or “Find a Dealer/Contractor”, depending on your business objectives
  • Integrate your visualizer with your CRM system and ensure you are set up to receive leads and funnel them to the appropriate sales channel
  • Put a system in place to follow up with Sales Qualified Leads in a few months to measure whether they made the purchase
Conclusion: A Better Lead to Sell to

The Renoworks Visualizer Platform is designed to attract leads and nurture them through each stage of the buyer’s journey, from “just looking” lead to Marketing Qualified Lead, to Sales Qualified Lead. By following the best practices in this article, you can maximize the amount of top-quality leads that you pass along through your sales channels to dealers, sales reps, preferred contractors and other partners.

Interested in learning more about how to maximize the number of quality leads from your Renoworks Visualizer? Contact us to discuss how we can help optimize your visualizer to capture more leads.

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